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Arthur Asodisen personal note: When I was 13 years old, I stumbled upon an old journal in the old ancestral house of Lolo Ling and Lola Piyan in the master bedroom cabinet. It tells of a story of the 3 brothers in their World War II participation as soldiers. I read it but did not keep the journal. The journal is hand written by Lolo Ling, as I recognized it. I assumed it to be real as it is told in first person and named real people. How true it is? I would not know. The story started in Bataan. Lolo Ling as one of the soldiers had march the so called "Death March" to Cagayan Valley or Cabanatuan. He is getting weaker day by day as almost without rest. The Japanese guards are only a few that stretches long enough to guard them. Eventhough the japanese soldiers are outnumber by the prisoners marching, the prisoners could not fight as they are too weak. Escape Planning; They were discussing in secret with other prisoners to plan an escape or to fight it out when the soldiers are at farthest to each other. The weak prisoners who fell to ground unable to walk is killed by a bayonet to discourage others to feign weak an escape. So their plan was to run as fast as they can i different directions, as soon as someone had fallen, and the guard is approaching for he bayonet kill. They auspiciously keep a distance to the prisoners who is looking to be next to fall the ground. So the moment came, and they did what they planned but because they are too weak, they can only do not too much compared to an abbled and well feed guard. They where many who did try to excape but many were killed as well. Lolo Ling is lucky and the direction he went is a rolling down the hill or a big ditch. He stumbled and fell down the hill or ditch. He fell too far for the guard to mind him compared to minding the marching line. So that was how Lolo Ling escaped. Rescue of two brothers: Lolo Ling rescued the two brothers in two different places I cannot remember. Being one, of them is wounded. They managed to down south towards Bicol and row a boat crossing Samar. Then hike back to Hinundayan in nearby Mountains.

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