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Arthur M. Asodisen, was born in Hinundayan, Southern Leyte and had lived in several places in the Visayas region. This explains the mixed dialects of his spoken visayan language. Visayan (Bisaya) is his first language, then Filipino, and is fluent in English, as well.

He is an Electronics Engineer by training, but he is also an IoT Designer, Web developer, Embedded Programmer, Environmentalist, Social entrepreneur, Photographer, SCUBA Diver, Strategist, Mountaineer, Adventurer, and a HAM (DV7HAA).

He constantly trying to be a good catholic christian and aims on living simply by being truthful. Shared a view that humankind is steward of nature. He is restless for better change. He firmly believes that only way of doing it is by giving with dignity, and in non-violent ways. And at the same time, with the self imposed policy of reciprocity made him a moderate pacifist.

His professional journey probably started when he was taking small jobs as electronics and CAD technician on his spare times while in the university. He graduated with the degree in B.S. Electronics and Communications Engineering and is privileged of the title of Electronics Engineer after passing the licensure exam.

He had work as Hardware Engineer for more than ten years building up design experience in an increasing responsibilities. In an attempt to share and make a better change, he co-founded a for-profit social enterprise, the Advanced Mindlab Technologies, Inc., an electronics shop, services, and design house established for sustainable free electronics technology training designed to bridge the industry-academe gap, and job creation. He moved into another automotive company in Ireland as a Senior Hardware Design Engineer, designing Electronic Controller Units for automobile vision(camera) systems. He maintained a professional profile on LinkedIn.

He is currently working on a social project to build a marine aquaculture farm in the Philippines for livelihood of the fisherfolks and thus conserve, protect, and rehabilitate the coral reefs.

He actively collaborates with projects in many ways. It could be designing customized electronics systems with the help from the mindlabtech.com team, or conceptualizing the organizational strategy, and technical support on projects mostly for social and environmental cause.

He had a quarterly(means seldom now) blog about electronics, nature, adventures, and civics.

He had been actively reaching relatives to build on the genealogy of both side of his parents.

He can be reached by email; arthur@asodisen.com

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